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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Brisbane.

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ID 450086

Paul Jones

Founder Magneto Communications. Business Comms degree with Distinction. Copywriter 15 yrs (speeches, marketing, ads). Corporate writing trainer for 7 yrs.

ID 473263

Geoffrey Zabell

Commerce/Science UQ Graduate, business development/strategy professional, photographer, skiier, founder of e-commerce retailer ZUKUZOO

ID 523985

Phoebe Tully

Communications Whiz | Nonprofit Projects Manager

ID 148853

Jen Sale

Co-Founder at @domain-guardians & @cutie-patootie

ID 414757

Kit Kriewaldt

CMO at Liquid State

ID 560304

Victor Leung

Web Developer

ID 758559

Ye Lu (Liv)

Master student @university of Queensland, Marketing Coordinator @see-out, Commercialization Project Consultant @uniquest, Former Auditor @kpmg (ICT sector)

ID 548334

Samuel Bool

University of Queensland / University of Virgina Graduate | 3+ Years in Banking in Australia | 2 Startups launched |

ID 667653

Emily Barber

Graduating commerce student with a passion for entrepreneurship and technology

ID 540279

Michael York

CEO of Argufy, 8yrs digital marketing experience, strong business background (QUT).

ID 806421

Huan Zhang

Postgraduate student at UQ Business school;marketing and branding consultant for a social enterprise in Sandgate,QLD

ID 298819

Caleb Forbes

Founder Mindzilla. VC, IE MBA and New Media specialist. Sales and Marketing expert. Creative. Worked at L'Oreal, Publicis and Group M.

ID 374979

Ryan Tong

Business-Minded Interaction Designer/Developer

ID 280411

Reinard van der Leij

Entrepreneur, Program Coordinator @ilab-accelerator. Co-founder Idea Network. Software Engineering & Business Management student at UQ.

ID 256033

Brett Geoghegan

Founded @inductly (SM14). Founded @hubwall. Studied design @griffith-university. Wrote first software at age 10. Passionate about creating great products.

ID 313044

Thomas Davis

Work with Drones, Open Source, Activism, Javascript and Music. Visit my homepage to learn more.

ID 587077

Dustin Sheffield

Works at Palantir Technologies, Builds Product Marketing & Operations, Passionate about UI/UX Design

ID 635716

Peter Karanicolas

Founder Digital Property Group • Studied at @swinburne-university. Strong sales and marketing background. Positive, and easy going with good business acumen.

ID 801294


With 4 years of experience as a Corporate Tax consultant in Paris (France), I am looking for a position in Australia.

ID 754976

Andrew Scott

CEO of AJS ITC Solutions. Over 8 years experience within the ITC sector. Bsc (I.T), Bsc (I.T.C), MSCE Certified

ID 422250

Michelle Pavel

Copywriter for Australia's #1 Marketing Guru, Technical Writer, Business Process Improvement Analyst, Offline & Online Marketer, Writer & Blogger, Business Coach...

ID 592370

Akbota Mamyrkhanova

Recent Graduate, Business Analyst

ID 647330

Sean Melis

Business (Finance) / IT Student, Freelance Marketing/IT Consultant, Economics and Finance Society President

ID 275166

Aron Satchell

Founder of Zenfind. Strong background in business, sales and marketing gained in the Financial Technology space.

ID 489127

Matt Cumming

15 Years Experience: Branding, Design, Front-End Development & Startup Consulting

ID 493406

Reuben So

Entrepreneur and Product Manager with a unique background mix in business strategy and software engineering

ID 804392

Kathleen Charles

Effective, Creative Freelance Writer and Marketing Consultant

ID 689982

Findlay Burgess

Great people person currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Queensland. Very determined to be part of an innovative startup.

ID 133712

Sam Lindner

Senior Marketing & Digital Media Executive looking for new Startup opportunities & also looking to partner with potential founders on some travel startup ideas

ID 517737

Shon Siemonek

Brus Media is an online advertising network focused on the Growth and Monetization of iPhone and Android Applications through performance-based advertising

ID 91061

Elliot V. Schoemaker

Founder • 13 years Product Management, Ecommerce, Design and UX. • Studied at @griffith-university

ID 641144

Jaydon Munn

ID 148280


Business Developer at @tag-see.

ID 520074

Benjamin Schultz

Experienced manager looking for a change

ID 178266

Georgie Cassidy

Designer & DJ. 1/3 of @thebookerycook // Time is free, but it's priceless.

ID 507326

Emiliano Giovannoni

Experienced marketing and business development manager in the web/tech sector.

ID 319165

Bobby Garrett

Loves online business, sales and marketing stuff.

ID 812627

Florian Eiselbrecher

ID 667949

Anita Summerlin, MSW, M.Ed

Experienced educator, classroom technology skills, educational technology evangelist I

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