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ID 50096

Dr Jay Hetzel


I have founded and successfully exited my own startup and now advise and mentor early stage ventures in biotech commercialisation and product development.

ID 530583

Ian Connor


I like to build a minimal viable product and give the business the ability to quickly iterate and find its footing.

ID 661724

Ben Stovold

Lead Developer & Founder @thoughtful-pixel

ID 66741

Ricky Robinson

Founder @composure • Worked at @sun-microsystems, Biz Dev @nicta • PhD Computer Science from @university-of-queensland

ID 313044

Thomas Davis

Work with Drones, Open Source, Activism, Javascript and Music. Visit my homepage to learn more.

ID 36772

Coen Hyde

Co-founder of @popbasic. Product Manager. Fullstack Engineer.

ID 279012

Hugh Geiger

CEO of ollo mobile. It's a smart wearable cellular phone that monitors wellbeing. Seed investors include Sprint and Qualcomm Ventures.

ID 400462

James Skinner


James is the Managing Director of Jenepe Capital Pty Ltd and Director of Jenepe Asset Management Pty Ltd.He sit on the review committee for the Jenepe IPO fund

ID 262967

Nicolas Scudamore-Smith


Worked at M&A @kpmg Corporate Finance & Investment Banking @rbs . Sourcing JV opportunities for early stage businesses to expand into Australasia

ID 286070

Neville Fielke


Co-founder if Falcon Corporate Advisory and GSG Ventures.

ID 47235

Ramine Darabiha

Chief Invention Officer at Halfbrick. Formerly R&D Manager at Rovio (Angry Birds). Strong focus on product and mobile.

ID 102377

Muhammad Abdul Muqeet

Software Engineer at @swapmob

ID 138297

Steven Begeda


Director, System Sales at Zetron, Inc (subsidiary of JVC KENWOOD). Investor in @buddy.

ID 759648

Logan Mason

Hong Kong based BitCoin India Board Member Commercial Pilot Intl Investor with investments in startups across Jordan, USA and India. Precious metals investor

ID 88613

Stephen Baxter


ID 744564

Michael Nichols


Founding team – HealthTap (Khosla, Mayfield, MDV, other investors); prior pro-bono counsel, Singularity University; General Counsel to Silicon Valley startups.

ID 204783

Rob Baranowski


Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 302190

David Harrison


Cofounder @binary-lane / @MammothAU / @ausgamers / @MammothNetworks.

ID 304015

Ian Connor

Founder @pubget • Worked at @enthuse, @iris-associates

ID 737729

Roger Stephen

Developer Currently working for @caarbon

ID 46883

Anthony Painter


Director Hunter Construction Management, Operational Banshee, Investor @couperate-2, @liveweaver @appointuit, early adopter and technology lover.

ID 38991

Damon Oehlman

Founder of @sidelab. Providing Node.js, CouchDB and Mobile Web centric solutions to enterprise customers.

ID 227576

Colin Kinner


Tech startup and innovation strategy specialist. Investment Manager for Creative Enterprise Fund; Director of Spike Innovation; mentor at River City Labs.

ID 406615

Adam H M


Founder @keyless-io • Worked at @google, @deutsche-bank • Studied at @stanford-university, @queensland-university-of-technology

ID 132212

Matthew Kelly

Creative, strategy, innovation, start-ups. Author of @amazon best seller @outsourcing-with-confidence / Co-Host of iTunes #1 Podcast @living-outrageously-podcast

ID 396668

Hassane Slaibi

Founder @band-industries • Worked at @nec-corporation, @csiro • Studied at @american-university-of-beirut. Loves startups & plays flute

ID 130602

John Lambie

Light Bulb Changer

ID 409286

Wayne Gerard


Co-founder & CEO @redeye-apps Past Co-founder Waterline Projects (Engineering Company) Founder SDG (Consulting Company) Member of the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO)

ID 474559

Leedham Te Kani

Founder @belua • Studied at @queensland-university-of-technology

ID 623202

Charles Harris

Founder @the-exchange-visionary-laboratories • Studied at @san-francisco-state-university, @antioch-university-seattle

ID 450574

Philip Andrews

Founder and CEO of Liquid State, author, technologist and publishing industry veteran.

ID 560304

Victor Leung

Web Developer

ID 475585

Nick Drewe co-founder, Warmest 100 creator. I like building cool shit on the internet.

ID 400019

Ran Heimann

Founder @haystack • Worked at @pwc-1 • MBA @queensland-university-of-technology

ID 95343

Denver Dale

Worked at @goldman-sachs • Studied at @oxford-university, @university-of-queensland

ID 139322

David Tucker

Founder at Xtreamlok, and @event-zero. Exits of $25M+.

ID 25887

John Mactaggart


ID 374979

Ryan Tong

Business-Minded Interaction Designer/Developer

ID 102169

Mark Phillips


Global Entrepreneur, Startup Adviser, Tech Investor. Formerly @microsoft, @apple, @deciphertechnologies Shareholder at Capital Angels. A Chartered Accountant that got lost in the IT and Tourism sectors. Aussie.

ID 773125

Lee Sinclair

Building high performance apps that will change everything

ID 948

Michael Eales

I'm learning how business model design and innovation is changing the world.

ID 73515

Flynn Macfarlane

Director of @uniquestions Pty Ltd

ID 593748

Pete Stephan

Founder @carhunting-com-au • Works @kpmg. Previously worked @exxonmobil, @bhp-billiton & @xstrata • Bachelor of Engineering from @university-of-queensland

ID 461018

John Scott

Founder Cartesian Co. • Studied at @university-of-queensland

ID 540466

Leigh Appel

Technical Founder @safesite-1 • Class 1 of @muru-d. Serial Hobbyist and Technologist.

ID 640931

Francisco Varisco

ID 548334

Samuel Bool

University of Queensland / University of Virgina Graduate | 3+ Years in Banking in Australia | 2 Startups launched |

ID 460535

David Connors


I <3 software quality and engineering + scalability and complex systems.

ID 471075

Isabella Stephens

Founder Cartesian Co. • Studied at @university-of-queensland

ID 263002

Blake Embrey

JavaScript • Full Stack Engineer • Open Source Contributor • Web Application Developer

ID 873862

Mia Whitewood

Over achieving sales performer.  18 years IT/Hosting/Cloud/Digital & Social Digital Marketing  Solutions Rackspace/Salesforce past decade.

ID 390290

Simone Perkins

Founder Perch Project • Worked at @international-travel-consultant • Studied at @university-of-queensland

ID 414141

Tony Lee

Founder MetaMunch • Strong web dev background • Past startup and incubator experience • Software Engineering @university-of-queensland

ID 470089

Ariel Briner

Founder Cartesian Co. • Studied at @university-of-queensland

ID 218099

Tristan Tucker


Founder Mews • Studied MBA @university-of-queensland, Management @monash-university Previous $1m start up experience and Project Management skills @LCA

ID 280411

Reinard van der Leij

Entrepreneur, Program Coordinator @ilab-accelerator. Co-founder Idea Network. Software Engineering & Business Management student at UQ.

ID 31544

Robert Roose

PhD Software Architecture QUT

ID 414757

Kit Kriewaldt

CMO at Liquid State

ID 497096

Kamil Kreiser

Over 12 yrs experience in developing and implementing growth strategies for SME, corporate and international co. (inc Suncorp, AWA, Flight Centre, DC Strategy)

ID 587077

Dustin Sheffield

Works at Palantir Technologies, Builds Product Marketing & Operations, Passionate about UI/UX Design

ID 202756

Niall McCarthy

Founder ZOVA • Studied at @queensland-university-of-technology

ID 758559

Ye Lu (Liv)

Master student @university of Queensland, Marketing Coordinator @see-out, Commercialization Project Consultant @uniquest, Former Auditor @kpmg (ICT sector)

ID 544327

Pete Preston

Husband, dad, agriculture student. Working with Deloitte Consulting to help clients do better work.

ID 354945

Angus McLachlan


Building awesome @boppl with an incredible team.

ID 861313

nedeltcho stoyanov

Passionate generalist developer who loves high performance applications

ID 379356

Jesse Hayes

Founder Eclat • Worked at @microsoft, @nintendo @rockstar Games @australian-defence-force

ID 667653

Emily Barber

Graduating commerce student with a passion for entrepreneurship and technology

ID 635716

Peter Karanicolas

Founder Digital Property Group • Studied at @swinburne-university. Strong sales and marketing background. Positive, and easy going with good business acumen.

ID 105240

Giovanni Esposito

The Eikonicopolis Project Manager

ID 466213

Daniel Ihesiaba

Founder Daenlabs Australia (worked at weicreate Australia and Zidit) Degrees and years of experience in information technology management.

ID 537692

Jeya Karthika

Front-End Web Developer / UX Design Apprentice BLOC

ID 44309

Adrian Barkus

Bad-ass entrepreneur's bodyguard. I back them up to make big ideas happen with deliberately simple @driven-action.

ID 256033

Brett Geoghegan

Founded @inductly (SM14). Founded @hubwall. Studied design @griffith-university. Wrote first software at age 10. Passionate about creating great products.

ID 316600

Sean Bunton

Designer, Developer, Entrepreneur

ID 513578

Paul Knittel

Founder @documaps-io, FlowPro • Worked at @synengco • Studied at @university-of-queensland

ID 764266

Adrien Pélégris

Master's Degree from top French Engineering School and Australian Uni. Wide skills in Software Engineering and passion for applied Mathematics

ID 31654

James Beamish-White


Founder and CEO @teiq, multinational software development company. BSc, Postgrad Biz

ID 507733

James Brotchie

Founder Portal Charts • Worked at @boeing, @netbox-blue • Studied at @university-of-queensland, @queensland-university-of-technology

ID 481975

Daniel Alexiuc

Senior Java, Web Developer with over 12 years programming experience. Started three companies, 1 success! A skilled programmer and full stack web app developer.

ID 292566

Kevin Gosschalk

Founder of SwipeAds. Previously raised $500,000 and lead development of an immersive education system, worked alongside Microsoft in that role.

ID 139321


Founded Xtreamlok in 1999, which was sold to Symantec Corp in 2005. Then I founded @event-zero in 2005.

ID 409459

Randall Makin


Founder @redeye-apps • Studied at @swinburne-university

ID 754976

Andrew Scott

CEO of AJS ITC Solutions. Over 8 years experience within the ITC sector. Bsc (I.T), Bsc (I.T.C), MSCE Certified

ID 148853

Jen Sale

Co-Founder at @domain-guardians & @cutie-patootie

ID 832663

Paulwyn Devasundaram

ID 37883

Paul Gordon

Founder @mypresences. Founder @shortcuts-software.

ID 841744

Peter Murphy

Masters of Computer Science graduate at UQ. Software Developer and Trainer.

ID 589586

Mish Norris

Founder of Face Group. Print & Digital Creative. Founding creative at ventures such as & Villa Moda. @central-st-martins-college-of-art-and-design

ID 14329

Felix Clack


Founder Teachable • Worked at @general-assembly @notonthehighstreet, @deutsche-bank • Studied at @university-of-teesside

ID 551976

Matthew Bannerman

Young Entrepreneur from Brisbane looking for an investor for an online New Media enterprise.

ID 473158

Will Parry

Founder Nebula Exchange. Workd at Portfolio Property Investments (web development). Lead developer at Launcherr

ID 390484

Garry Frenklah


Ex investment banker; startup founder and investor

ID 180726

Thiago Passos

Founder HopRunners • Worked at @unilever, @allianz

ID 806421

Huan Zhang

Postgraduate student at UQ Business school;marketing and branding consultant for a social enterprise in Sandgate,QLD

ID 192573

Ross Beard

ID 855755

Sri Prasad Tadimalla

Co-Founder of Lightscape Solutions. New York University graduate with strong experience in building .net systems end to end.

ID 458019

Josh Hammond

I create videos for business, government & education clients through my business: @mdoarprod & am obsessed with travel.

ID 762228

Emanuele Tonello

Android student. All-things-tech enthusiast.

ID 606086

Mithila Fox

Master's student at Harvard focusing on digital media & instructional design; 4 years exp. in UI/UX design; cognitive psychology/computer science background.

ID 128604

Timothy Humphries

Freelance Writer

ID 551809

Eugene "Dee" Deng

Founder Hirehive • Film Producer • Studied at @griffith-university University • Strong sales background.

ID 550119

Dave Tormey

Founder @tag-d-1 • CTO at Investigation Management Australia • Results Driven • Digital Innovator • Studied at @queensland-university-of-technology

ID 824737

Jake Rough

Strong minded, quick learning leader looking to expand

ID 662554

Ryan Song

Founder and CEO of Revo Deck Pty Ltd. Startup with clear vision and accounting background.

ID 130695

Michael Rowe

Founded @huushi. Interaction Designer background (QUT). Believe in business that generates meaningful positive social impact at scale

ID 473263

Geoffrey Zabell

Commerce/Science UQ Graduate, business development/strategy professional, photographer, skiier, founder of e-commerce retailer ZUKUZOO

ID 714450

Moritz Koehler

Director @sensirion-ag • Co-Founder @koubachi Technology leader with vast experience in sensor related software (mobile, wearable, IoT)

ID 561995

suchit puri

Worked at @thoughtworks @progress-software @huawei • Studied Masters Software Systems at @bits-pilani-1

ID 569505

Thomas Kearney

Final year student at UQ, Mechatronic Engineering and Commerce. Internships with several startups. Engineering and business background (Olin business school).

ID 432238

David Ryan

Content, open source and startups at @red-hat, former business analyst at @peabody-energy. Founded Tech Tidal, Brisbane's startup media voice. Founded @metaset.

ID 72450

Bob Waldie


Aging entrepreneur. History of modest success growing businesses. Actively engaged in early stage investment & mentoring startups.

ID 668317

Kristine Magat

Procurement Expert (Start-up/pre-IPO)

ID 587550

James Reti

Experienced Facilitator/trainer, Business Developer and Sales and Marketing Manager. VP Sales and Marketing Australasia - @clocked

ID 363960

Tys Bradford

Start-up enthusiast - focussed on mobile apps and big data - highly insightful into market behaviour

ID 561020

Andrew Ling

WPF, Silverlight and ASP.NET specialist. Led the successful development of 3 e-commerce and resources industry projects.

ID 220541

Brian Reaves

With 10+ yrs of digital & software experience, Brian prides himself in product ideation, offering a wide range of disciplines from a mosaic of former positions.

ID 298819

Caleb Forbes

Founder Mindzilla. VC, IE MBA and New Media specialist. Sales and Marketing expert. Creative. Worked at L'Oreal, Publicis and Group M.

ID 579954

Jordan West

Multi-disciplinary Engineer - Experience with front-end to back-end and down to embedded. B. Eng + B. Arts.

ID 428328

Thomas Newby

Final year CS student at UQ in Brisbane. Interning as a web application developer (primarily back end). Exp. in full stack development.

ID 543059

Damian Joyce

Co-Founder & Creative Director @forth-rabbit-formerly-perch. Designer & Web Web Developer, Marketing specialist.

ID 216326

Faye Miller

Knowledge Ecology Strategist/User Researcher at Global Ethnographic; Founding Editor of XD: Experience Design Magazine; PhD in Experience Design in Knowledge and Learning Contexts.

ID 200263

Warwick Kay

Senior UX / UI Designer  Self taught, multi-disciplinary senior designer and user experience practitioner.

ID 475740

Matthew Clarkson

Founder of An online marketer with extensive experience growing online companies. He learned to code so could build his own cool company too.

ID 822854

Keegan Sard

Founder @KeeganVentures.

ID 687072

Chris Illuk

Founder of Street Eats • Founder of fashion label, House of Cards • Worked at @norton-rose-fulbright • Studied at @queensland-university-of-technology

ID 338934

savio thattil

A mentor and motivator in the world of electronic commerce and information technology.

ID 21843

Aleks Stojic

Studied at @queensland-university-of-technology

ID 523985

Phoebe Tully

Communications Whiz | Nonprofit Projects Manager

ID 375846

Luke Swetman

Co-Founder @metaset • Works at @microsoft • Studies Master of Business(International Business) at @queensland-university-of-technology

ID 136105

David James Ball

Entrepreneur & Innovation Professional. CEO/Co-Founder at @ideally (@ideallyapp)

ID 801294


With 4 years of experience as a Corporate Tax consultant in Paris (France), I am looking for a position in Australia.

ID 371338


PHP Developer. Worked in IBM

ID 773474

Michael Sive

Web Application Developer @sos Development Lead Developer @street-eats

ID 540279

Michael York

CEO of Argufy, 8yrs digital marketing experience, strong business background (QUT).

ID 450086

Paul Jones

Founder Magneto Communications. Business Comms degree with Distinction. Copywriter 15 yrs (speeches, marketing, ads). Corporate writing trainer for 7 yrs.

ID 619284

Bren Pearson

University of Wollongong CS, Intern Software Developer, Android developer, Diploma of Software Development.

ID 647945

Ryan Dodd

Creative Director and Director of Oliver Black. Strong Design, Processes & Creativity. Co-Founder. Designer. Thinker

ID 85904

Darren Rogan

I am a Techie, Architecture through to Implementation and Infrastructure. Cloud / Java / Ruby / iOS / Android / Mobile / Lean to Scale

ID 388508

Ryan Knell

Founder @rampup, PC Pronto, Websites Pronto, Duckbert Graphics • Studying Executive MBA @queensland-university-of-technology

ID 104647

Richard Gill

Family man, LDS & a fanatic of automotive, fitness & technology. Co-founder of Virtus Media Group, I engineer connection habits between people and businesses.

ID 840990

Georgia Ball

Business Development Professional. Extensive experience with new to market products and lean startup methodology. BBus (Hons) 2010. Pareto Law Sales Grad 2011.

ID 828281

Matt Ginty

Full Stack Web Developer, well versed in front-end JavaScript frameworks (e.g. AngularJS, Backbone) and MVC Backends (e.g. NodeJS, SailsJS, ASP.NET MVC, Django)

ID 761460

Gavin Ellis

USQ CS Grad with Distinction. Graduate QUT Law student. Strong Linux Admin, OO and Procedural programming.

ID 191267

Bryan Wood

Worked at @mode-design-corporation, @friends-do-benefit, @sarinarusso. Likes @C# @JavaScript

ID 178266

Georgie Cassidy

Designer & DJ. 1/3 of @thebookerycook // Time is free, but it's priceless.

ID 463455

Ashley Roll

Entrepreneur with strong software architecture and distributed/scalable systems skills. Background in electronics, RF, business management and mentoring.

ID 652624

Kwok Wai Cheung

ID 204597

Aaron Groves

Student at @queensland-university-of-technology Telecommunications Technician @ Australian Army

ID 393350

Jack Herringe


ID 615346

David Hooper

QUT Student. Entrepreneur with a passion for Human Centered Design. Site Reliability Engineer. Working on multiple ideas and startups.

ID 863629

Ben Dean

Worked at Oracle Labs. Studied at QUT. IT / Computer Science. Information Retrieval research. Java full stack. Ready for a challenge.

ID 307536

Tom Knox

Making apps at Hydric Media • Co-founder Warmest 100 • Previously We Are Hunted

ID 524213

Jonathan Bird

Founder Snippet Repo. 1st startup out of university. Work at Wotif. BA Information Technology with Distinction

ID 591018

Kenneth Au

Co-Founder of Kerby Australia. Passionate Entrepreneur, have experiences in Banking and Finance, IPO and Mechanical Eng

ID 304166

Bob Dunne


Ex CEO Global IT business. Angel investor and advisor

ID 614801

Philip Cadell

Product developer with Masters in electronics, software from Ruby on Rails to embedded C, was lead hardware/firmware designer for Metal Storm Ltd

ID 133712

Sam Lindner

Senior Marketing & Digital Media Executive looking for new Startup opportunities & also looking to partner with potential founders on some travel startup ideas

ID 794500

Toby Myers

Co-owner BCI Technology. Also, PhD Software Engineering, Griffith University

ID 699098

Eleanor Tay

Graphics | Fashion | Web | Tech | Food | Coffee | Marketing | Social Media | Entrepreneurship | Wanderlust | Life | ~♥~ Founder: Coffee & Cravings

ID 153545

Steve Davis

Studied at @queensland-university-of-technology

ID 661520

Dirk Verboom

ID 513410

Jake Araullo

Software Engineering Grad interested in emerging tech, mobile apps and teams that love what they build.

ID 717373

Candice Matti-Slade

ID 832831

Benjamin Moriarty

Accountant, Experienced in designing, integrating and maintaining accounting systems for startups and other small and medium sized businesses

ID 7268

Nathan Ridley

Coder, Designer, Architect. Wearer of many hats.

ID 91061

Elliot V. Schoemaker

Founder • 13 years Product Management, Ecommerce, Design and UX. • Studied at @griffith-university

ID 567519

Jon Ducrou

End-to-end developer, team leader, and architect. Distributed web, service and workflow experience, 6 years software experience at Amazon

ID 447794

Angus Russell

Founder @where2tonight • Freelance web developer for 3+ years • Studied at @griffith-university

ID 83066

Tristan McNab

Founder of @seditious-technologies. Academic and PhD student at @griffith-university University. Graduated with B.Eng in Computer Systems with Honors.

ID 50135

Jen Storey

Founder, Outside Insights & Interactive Minds

ID 412794

Michael Spork

ID 647322

Ben Sorohan

Offering 9 years of experience leading the full-stack development of website and marketing software.

ID 151928


Studied at @griffith-university, @university-of-southern-queensland. Strong background in early stage ventures in Australia and SE Asia.

ID 496382

Deb Morrison

Lead eCommerce User Experience Analyst (Web & Mobile) at Virgin Australia

ID 748741

Jason W. Roulston


Easy Going, ADHD kid & Co-Founder at Just Digital People & Just Media Design. GIGANTIC Free Beer event organizer. Enjoy connecting the right people in digital.

ID 854624

Daniel Dean


Founder Online Business Group • Studied at @griffith-university

ID 712407

Dr Greg Timbrell

Digital strategist and Strategic Counsel for AppnAbout Member-QLD Gvnmnt IT Policy Com and Gvnmt Innovation Policy Com Academic QUT. Digital strategist -Aust SU

ID 660677

Carly Jess

Founder Wonderland Babes Online Boutique

ID 779948

Andrew Howard

ID 773473

Jace Patel

Developer @ardent-leisure . Developer @ Tricare. Founder of Whiz Kids Computer Services. Founder of StreetEats.

ID 365057

Dan Sowter

Project manager and lead developer at top Australian web development company. Studied Mathematics, Physics and Medicine at University of Queensland. Systems engineering background for London Underground.

ID 487081

Hayden Griffiths


ID 637020

Trent Hennessy

Director of trenabyte, Web and Mobile application studio. PHP, mysql and wordpress guru. Always up for a challenge and can hit the ground running.

ID 777538

George Kouzoukas


Entrepreneur looking to invest in technology based start up companies. I have a background in Economics and a masters degree in Marketing

ID 336139

Benjamin Knight

Superstar photographer

ID 531734

John Dell


Professional director and investor Former Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer

ID 712415

Dr Paul King


BSc Computer Science, a BEng Electrical Engineering, and a PhD Formal Specification of Communication Protocols from the University of Queensland, Australia.

ID 575201

Andrew Bills

Business Analyst. Critical Situations and At Risk Projects. Business Improvement & Delivery @ibm for APAC & @ventyx Globally

ID 74719

Nigel Whatling

Founder @n-vision-australia, @adepto

ID 882436

Arun Kumar

Strong Testing background with indepth knowledge of manual and automation testing. Developing multiple apps in Jquery mobile as a hobby. 

ID 667949

Anita Summerlin, MSW, M.Ed

Experienced educator, classroom technology skills, educational technology evangelist I

ID 806361

Kieren Christensen

Founder A-Z Online Shop

ID 452329

Luchia Bloomfield

I focus on generating more revenue for your business, so that you get a big return on your investment.

ID 275166

Aron Satchell

Founder of Zenfind. Strong background in business, sales and marketing gained in the Financial Technology space.

ID 655633

Kelly Quinn

ID 816622

Michael Transient

ID 713039

Jerry Liao

Software Architect of Bryten.

ID 783396

Corey Vaughan


I am founder of Mining Services and Hire companies. Also founder of a new water treatment technology.

ID 812926

Luke Dunbar

Founder of Labeeto. 1st social networking startup. Strong sales and management background (Telstra Corporation)

ID 804392

Kathleen Charles

Effective, Creative Freelance Writer and Marketing Consultant

ID 746667

Georgie Wind

ID 794950

Felix Gabel


ID 823215

Roberto Da Silva


Interested in investing in all types of assets

ID 710610

Tim Robinson

ID 812627

Florian Eiselbrecher

ID 820295

Jordan Cannon


Neto is an all-in-one ecommerce solution.

ID 689982

Findlay Burgess

Great people person currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Queensland. Very determined to be part of an innovative startup.

ID 706969

Chris Broome


28 Years old from Australia, Looking to help out those that have limited start up capital that show a passion and belief in the product they are developing.

ID 814833

Mitchell McLeod

ID 822793

Jo Butler

ID 811015

Harrison Lee


Australian based investors group

ID 772336

Daniel James Gordon


Graphic designer turned entrepreneur. I hold stakes in a range of companies. Apparel, online marketing, aftermarket automotive parts, to education technology.

ID 820825

Benjamin Dubuc

ID 834568

Paul Woods


@paulwoods | National Manager @data3limited, Research Student @qut

ID 655436

Stephen Phillips

Now: Twitter | Before: WeAreHunted

ID 865035

Gazza Azhari

Bachelor of Information Technology Majoring Software Design from University of Queensland;  Worked at IBM (International Business Machine) Indonesia.

ID 650158

Magnus Lai

ID 670706

Elliot Heitman


Masters of Business Process Management at QUT. I'm interested in platforms that consider future scaling in the development stages.

ID 878475

Sam Thompson


Sam is a skilled investor and business leader with a broad set of industry experience in both technology and business process.

ID 866677

Matthew Brown

ID 662484

Phill Marsh


Professional in the healthcare industry with no prior start up investment experience. Previously involved in property and share market investment options.

ID 687751

Daniel Peaper

ID 869434

Robert Wilkinson


An IT Professional with a keen interest in technology companies with a focus on the IOT and home automation

ID 673846

Matt Turner


Founded & MD of 99 Bikes (2007) ($45mil turnover - 17 Retail bicycle stores) funded by father who is CEO & founder Flight Centre (Aus travel worth US$4billion)

ID 675132

Aaron Gray

ID 652639

Kevin Mc Dermott

ID 624919

Clint Z

ID 875393

Sarah Stodder

ID 647330

Sean Melis

Business (Finance) / IT Student, Freelance Marketing/IT Consultant, Economics and Finance Society President

ID 641144

Jaydon Munn

ID 882293

Scott Rogers


Born in Australia and lived in Japan.

ID 846233

Kyle Comino

ID 627533

Scott Valentine


Project Manager/Engineer looking for investments in small start up companies and prepared for either sleeping partner or management input

ID 608510

Cameron Mitchell

ID 489127

Matt Cumming

15 Years Experience: Branding, Design, Front-End Development & Startup Consulting

ID 506697

Scott Bernardi


DIp Eng

ID 493406

Reuben So

Entrepreneur and Product Manager with a unique background mix in business strategy and software engineering

ID 619277

Veeresh Patil Kulkarni

Financial Analyst at MYMAX. Startup specialises in EXIT strategies. Extensive work experience with Start-ups in Capital Raising & Financial Analysis

ID 520074

Benjamin Schultz

Experienced manager looking for a change

ID 503992

Kam Low

Avid entrepreneur, coder, and student of pen and sword. Founder of Sourcey.

ID 603929

Francisco Varisco

ID 887327

Benjamin David Banks

ID 511270

Joseph McCarthy

University of Queensland, Bachelors of Commerce Majoring in Finance

ID 231


ID 507326

Emiliano Giovannoni

Experienced marketing and business development manager in the web/tech sector.

ID 519801

Adam Foster

Web. Apps. Ideas. Business. Design. Blogger. Writer. Dreamer. Web services -

ID 614281

Alex Taylor

ID 592370

Akbota Mamyrkhanova

Recent Graduate, Business Analyst

ID 502911

Tony Harewood

ID 563699

Mark Newton


Co Founder/investor on 2 projects. Looking for more in particular in the Mobile payment space.

ID 517737

Shon Siemonek

Brus Media is an online advertising network focused on the Growth and Monetization of iPhone and Android Applications through performance-based advertising

ID 571776

Ricardo Pineda Jawbone

Ricardo Pineda, formerly of Aliph and the Jawbone brand, continues to facilitate consumer electronics product development and marketing as global supply chain vice president for Monster Cable Products.

ID 456174

Matyas Fulop


Owner of DownshiftAus, Master of Business Management.

ID 428124

Tys Bradford

Managing Director Blue Tropical, Software Engineer with strong focus on iOS apps and awesome product and UX design. Looking to create the next big thing

ID 375871


Future fit outs one spot with lots of solutions for your Commercial Fitouts, plazing, ceilings, carpentry, plastering and plumbing.

ID 350866


ID 460284

Suman Nepal

ID 424750

David Hlodik


I'm not sure what i should be putting in this compulsory bio but i have to fill up the 160 character requirement. Looking for new ideas that make sense in tomorrows world.

ID 367996

Nick Miller

Geo spatial Professional with 14 years experience. ArcGIS skills.

ID 361808

Stanley Lewis

Future Fitouts services are very affordable yet quality commercial fitouts that meet total satisfaction of our clients.

ID 469240

Ryan Drake

Writer, Speaker, Creative, Solopreneur | Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.

ID 319165

Bobby Garrett

Loves online business, sales and marketing stuff.

ID 362344

Julien Hébrard

ID 292777

vikas buddisagar

ID 425138

Anzac Kirk

Entrepreneur based in Brisbane AUS. Currently developing a financial planning website. Looking for professionals to help transform idea in successful reality.

ID 362383

Ted Dashingtons


hi im ted dashington

ID 455673

Norfolk Islander

DevOps, Automation engineer

ID 487091

Nic Blair


Entrepreneur and investor from Brisbane, Australia. Founded search agency Search Factory in May 2011 and co-founded mobile company Brus Media in September 2012.

ID 422250

Michelle Pavel

Copywriter for Australia's #1 Marketing Guru, Technical Writer, Business Process Improvement Analyst, Offline & Online Marketer, Writer & Blogger, Business Coach...

ID 455752

Ngaire Stirling


Owner Brisbane Kids.

ID 403366

Chris Poynter


Husband, father of 3, keen golfer, Collingwood supporter, investment banker

ID 96539

Rick Romanowski


Richard invests management time and capital into clean technology start-ups to help them commercialise. Management consulting and senior executive experience.

ID 225815

John Research

ID 217412

Johnny Moubarak


ID 94429

Thibaut Allender

Constructing web stuff since 1996

ID 179019

David Jorm

Security nerd and software engineer. Writes code, breaks code, patches code. Knows lots about climate systems, math and the software industry.

ID 48240

Damian Dennis

Independant Programming Contractor with expertise in the following areas :PHP/MySQL/DHTML/CSS/Javascript. Also have experience with C# and Java.

ID 176714

Craig Millman

Learning iOS development, looking to build apps. Family - Wife and 2 daughters. Rec - Cricket, Carlton FC, golf, punting

ID 177144

Steve Maher


Director @ Metaweb Australia: Online solutions Metaweb Capital: Venture Capital, Angel Investing and startups.

ID 144187

Lachlan (Lach)

ID 46712

Mark Smith

ID 140609

Jacob Evans

Worked at @rsa-security

ID 214179

Darren McVean



ID 195516

Darren Wallis


ID 79568

Steve Sanshwe

Design Director at Hello Sunday Morning. Design to solve problems, create for positive culture, produce with a conscience.

ID 5942

John McAlpine


ID 148280


Business Developer at @tag-see.

ID 85225

Richard Watson

AM, BSc, PhC, FRMIT, FAICD, Director at @uniquestions Pty Ltd

ID 247300


We help parents to train their new humans from birth to adulthood.

ID 241977

Jesse Davies

Mid level designer wanting to relocate to the land of startups. Experience in UX / UI, responsive websites, iOS apps, branding and climbing rocks.

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