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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Brisbane.

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ID 38991

Damon Oehlman

Founder of @sidelab. Providing Node.js, CouchDB and Mobile Web centric solutions to enterprise customers.

ID 66741

Ricky Robinson

Founder @composure • Worked at @sun-microsystems, Biz Dev @nicta • PhD Computer Science from @university-of-queensland

ID 313044

Thomas Davis

Work with Drones, Open Source, Activism, Javascript and Music. Visit my homepage to learn more.

ID 737729

Roger Stephen

Developer Currently working for @caarbon

ID 263002

Blake Embrey

JavaScript • Full Stack Engineer • Open Source Contributor • Web Application Developer

ID 31544

Robert Roose

PhD Software Architecture QUT

ID 540466

Leigh Appel

Technical Founder @safesite-1 • Class 1 of @muru-d. Serial Hobbyist and Technologist.

ID 280411

Reinard van der Leij

Entrepreneur, Program Coordinator @ilab-accelerator. Co-founder Idea Network. Software Engineering & Business Management student at UQ.

ID 256033

Brett Geoghegan

Founded @inductly (SM14). Founded @hubwall. Studied design @griffith-university. Wrote first software at age 10. Passionate about creating great products.

ID 861313

nedeltcho stoyanov

Passionate generalist developer who loves high performance applications

ID 139322

David Tucker

Founder at Xtreamlok, and @event-zero. Exits of $25M+.

ID 292566

Kevin Gosschalk

Founder of SwipeAds. Previously raised $500,000 and lead development of an immersive education system, worked alongside Microsoft in that role.

ID 661724

Ben Stovold

Lead Developer & Founder @thoughtful-pixel

ID 406615

Adam H M


Founder @keyless-io • Worked at @google, @deutsche-bank • Studied at @stanford-university, @queensland-university-of-technology

ID 764266

Adrien Pélégris

Master's Degree from top French Engineering School and Australian Uni. Wide skills in Software Engineering and passion for applied Mathematics

ID 31654

James Beamish-White


Founder and CEO @teiq, multinational software development company. BSc, Postgrad Biz

ID 414141

Tony Lee

Founder MetaMunch • Strong web dev background • Past startup and incubator experience • Software Engineering @university-of-queensland

ID 304015

Ian Connor

Founder @pubget • Worked at @enthuse, @iris-associates

ID 36772

Coen Hyde

Co-founder of @popbasic. Product Manager. Fullstack Engineer.

ID 762228

Emanuele Tonello

Android student. All-things-tech enthusiast.

ID 14329

Felix Clack


Founder Teachable • Worked at @general-assembly @notonthehighstreet, @deutsche-bank • Studied at @university-of-teesside

ID 481975

Daniel Alexiuc

Senior Java, Web Developer with over 12 years programming experience. Started three companies, 1 success! A skilled programmer and full stack web app developer.

ID 614801

Philip Cadell

Product developer with Masters in electronics, software from Ruby on Rails to embedded C, was lead hardware/firmware designer for Metal Storm Ltd

ID 569505

Thomas Kearney

Final year student at UQ, Mechatronic Engineering and Commerce. Internships with several startups. Engineering and business background (Olin business school).

ID 204597

Aaron Groves

Student at @queensland-university-of-technology Telecommunications Technician @ Australian Army

ID 619284

Bren Pearson

University of Wollongong CS, Intern Software Developer, Android developer, Diploma of Software Development.

ID 388508

Ryan Knell

Founder @rampup, PC Pronto, Websites Pronto, Duckbert Graphics • Studying Executive MBA @queensland-university-of-technology

ID 863629

Ben Dean

Worked at Oracle Labs. Studied at QUT. IT / Computer Science. Information Retrieval research. Java full stack. Ready for a challenge.

ID 561995

suchit puri

Worked at @thoughtworks @progress-software @huawei • Studied Masters Software Systems at @bits-pilani-1

ID 85904

Darren Rogan

I am a Techie, Architecture through to Implementation and Infrastructure. Cloud / Java / Ruby / iOS / Android / Mobile / Lean to Scale

ID 37883

Paul Gordon

Founder @mypresences. Founder @shortcuts-software.

ID 363960

Tys Bradford

Start-up enthusiast - focussed on mobile apps and big data - highly insightful into market behaviour

ID 754976

Andrew Scott

CEO of AJS ITC Solutions. Over 8 years experience within the ITC sector. Bsc (I.T), Bsc (I.T.C), MSCE Certified

ID 473158

Will Parry

Founder Nebula Exchange. Workd at Portfolio Property Investments (web development). Lead developer at Launcherr

ID 191267

Bryan Wood

Worked at @mode-design-corporation, @friends-do-benefit, @sarinarusso. Likes @C# @JavaScript

ID 579954

Jordan West

Multi-disciplinary Engineer - Experience with front-end to back-end and down to embedded. B. Eng + B. Arts.

ID 475740

Matthew Clarkson

Founder of An online marketer with extensive experience growing online companies. He learned to code so could build his own cool company too.

ID 428328

Thomas Newby

Final year CS student at UQ in Brisbane. Interning as a web application developer (primarily back end). Exp. in full stack development.

ID 841744

Peter Murphy

Masters of Computer Science graduate at UQ. Software Developer and Trainer.

ID 561020

Andrew Ling

WPF, Silverlight and ASP.NET specialist. Led the successful development of 3 e-commerce and resources industry projects.

ID 550119

Dave Tormey

Founder @tag-d-1 • CTO at Investigation Management Australia • Results Driven • Digital Innovator • Studied at @queensland-university-of-technology

ID 828281

Matt Ginty

Full Stack Web Developer, well versed in front-end JavaScript frameworks (e.g. AngularJS, Backbone) and MVC Backends (e.g. NodeJS, SailsJS, ASP.NET MVC, Django)

ID 463455

Ashley Roll

Entrepreneur with strong software architecture and distributed/scalable systems skills. Background in electronics, RF, business management and mentoring.

ID 371338


PHP Developer. Worked in IBM

ID 179019

David Jorm

Security nerd and software engineer. Writes code, breaks code, patches code. Knows lots about climate systems, math and the software industry.

ID 647322

Ben Sorohan

Offering 9 years of experience leading the full-stack development of website and marketing software.

ID 503992

Kam Low

Avid entrepreneur, coder, and student of pen and sword. Founder of Sourcey.

ID 83066

Tristan McNab

Founder of @seditious-technologies. Academic and PhD student at @griffith-university University. Graduated with B.Eng in Computer Systems with Honors.

ID 7268

Nathan Ridley

Coder, Designer, Architect. Wearer of many hats.

ID 713039

Jerry Liao

Software Architect of Bryten.

ID 567519

Jon Ducrou

End-to-end developer, team leader, and architect. Distributed web, service and workflow experience, 6 years software experience at Amazon

ID 655436

Stephen Phillips

Now: Twitter | Before: WeAreHunted

ID 614281

Alex Taylor

ID 94429

Thibaut Allender

Constructing web stuff since 1996

ID 428124

Tys Bradford

Managing Director Blue Tropical, Software Engineer with strong focus on iOS apps and awesome product and UX design. Looking to create the next big thing

ID 637020

Trent Hennessy

Director of trenabyte, Web and Mobile application studio. PHP, mysql and wordpress guru. Always up for a challenge and can hit the ground running.

ID 455673

Norfolk Islander

DevOps, Automation engineer

ID 365057

Dan Sowter

Project manager and lead developer at top Australian web development company. Studied Mathematics, Physics and Medicine at University of Queensland. Systems engineering background for London Underground.

ID 153545

Steve Davis

Studied at @queensland-university-of-technology

ID 661520

Dirk Verboom

ID 469240

Ryan Drake

Writer, Speaker, Creative, Solopreneur | Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.

ID 48240

Damian Dennis

Independant Programming Contractor with expertise in the following areas :PHP/MySQL/DHTML/CSS/Javascript. Also have experience with C# and Java.

ID 513410

Jake Araullo

Software Engineering Grad interested in emerging tech, mobile apps and teams that love what they build.

ID 74719

Nigel Whatling

Founder @n-vision-australia, @adepto

ID 140609

Jacob Evans

Worked at @rsa-security

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